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PE recycling granulator mainly uses four kinds of materials as the main processing materials

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Waste plastic is a kind of resource with serious environmental pollution, which is not easy to degrade, and burning will also cause harm to the atmosphere and our health. Therefore, the best environmental protection method is to recycle the waste plastic products, so there are various kinds of environmental protection plastic machinery to realize the recycling of waste plastic and reduce the waste of resources. PE recycling granulator, as the name implies, recycles and granulates the waste plastic products again to produce another plastic product. Recycled plastic granulator / mainly uses the following 4 kinds of material products as production raw materials to realize their recycling:
1. PE - Polyethylene
PE gives people a soft feeling. When it's not colored, it's milky white, translucent and waxy. If you touch the product by hand, it's greasy, soft and tough. It can stretch a little.
White is transparent, but the transparency is general. Generally, low-density polyethylene is soft and transparent, while high-density polyethylene is hard. Polyethylene often has tape and printed words, because the accompanying tape and printed words are inevitable, but it is necessary to control its content, because these will affect the price in the market.
2. PP - Polypropylene
Compared with LDPE, polypropylene products are white and transparent, with high transparency and sound when kneading.
It is white, translucent and waxy when not colored; lighter than polyethylene. Transparency is also better than polyethylene, harder than polyethylene.
3. PVC - polyvinyl chloride
The natural color is yellowish, translucent and glossy. Transparency is better than that of polyethylene and polyphenylene, and worse than that of polystyrene. It can be divided into soft PVC and UPVC according to the amount of additives. Soft products are soft and tough, and feel sticky. The hardness of hard products is higher than that of low-density polyethylene, but lower than that of polypropylene, and there will be albinism at the flexure.
4. PS - polystyrene
Transparent when not shaded. The product falls to the ground or strikes, with a metal like crisp sound, good luster and transparency, similar to glass, brittle and easy to break, and marks can be made on the surface of the product with fingernails. The modified polystyrene is opaque.
The above four kinds of plastic materials are the most commonly used raw materials for PE recycling granulator, and are also the plastic products materials frequently used in the market now, which meet the production standards of environmental protection, safety and health.

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