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Changzhou Jinyong Technology Materials Co., Ltd. entered Changzhou Zhongre Renewable Resources Industrial Park in September 2020, mainly engaged in the recycling and comprehensive utilization of domestic polyethylene waste plastics, and the production of high-end environmentally friendly polymer materials.
In 2023, in order to promote the development of recycled plastic business, the group decided to relocate its headquarters to Jinyong, Changzhou.

After the company is put into operation, its annual production is about 80000 tons, including:
(1) Fiber optic sheath material, with an annual output of 60000 tons;
(2) Regenerated low-pressure polyethylene particles with an annual output of 10000 tons;
(3) Regenerated high-pressure polyethylene particles with an annual output of 10000 tons;

After the production of Changzhou Jinyong, the group's annual production capacity of recycled particles/modified materials will reach 200000 tons, further consolidating its leading position in the world's largest comprehensive utilization of polyethylene plastic recycling.
Since 2015, the company has undergone transformation and upgrading, starting the production of optical cable sheath materials. The company's main customers are listed companies in the optical communication industry such as Hengtong Optoelectronics, Yongding Co., Ltd., Tongding Internet, and Southern Technology, forming a relatively mature procurement, production, and sales system.

Starting from 2019, the company has further improved its quality in the production of recycled particles, providing products according to different market demands, with a special focus on the development of products used for blowing films, foaming, pipelines, etc., to meet the future demand for environmentally friendly recycled materials in the international and domestic markets.

In September 2020, the company established a PCR high-end recycled particle production base in the New North District of Changzhou, and its products were applied to packaging materials of world-renowned brand enterprises, such as daily chemical bottles, beauty bottles, expansion films, winding films, etc.

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